Did you know that ice diving is a thing? That brave, adventurous human beings plunge into –the 2°C/28°F waters of Baffin Island in Canada, and float in front of other-worldly icebergs? Or head to the Magdalen Islands of that same country in late February, to watch baby seals swim for the first time? You are

Travel, at its best, offers us an environment that wildly contrasts with the physical spaces we usually move in; spaces like our homes, where we find comfort, and crowded streets, where we get jostled around, and offices, where everything can feel just a little sterile. Shrugging off the clothes of earth-walking and slipping on the

10 of the Most Amazing Hotels in the Abacos

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A great hotel can help make your Abacos getaway truly memorable. Sure, you might want to spend a day hiking through the pine barrens of southeast Abacos, on a quest to see the rare – and colourful – Abacos parrot, but this does not mean that you don’t want to be pampered upon your return

Off The Beaten Track in The Abacos

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Off The Beaten Track in The Abacos Ah, The Abacos. Blue-green waves gently caressing white sands while you lay on a beach chair, then float around in the sea, then lay on a beach chair, and so on, until you feel moved to head to the beach bar for a cold pale ale. Should you

Air Unlimited has had the privilege of flying scuba divers – from novices to advanced – to The Abacos, and we’ve borne witness to the beaming grins they all wear at the end of their scuba diving holiday. If you’d like to grin like that, to discover what lies beneath the surface of the glistening

Entry Requirements When Visiting The Abacos

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We tell our children fairy tales, like Cinderella and Little Red Riding, and there is always an obstacle in the plot – like Cinderella’s rather desperate need to return home before midnight, and Little Red Riding Hood’s confrontation with a remarkably toothy grandmother. There is usually a moral involved in fairy tales, too. And so

At Air Unlimited, we do not believe that your holiday begins when you kick your sandals off and slowly push your feet into silky white sand, while awaiting the key lime martini you just ordered – we believe it begins the moment you enter our aircraft. Let us explain why. We don’t do discomfort Statista,

Flying private is not reserved for the rich and famous anymore. Thanks to a new concept in air travel, a seat on a private jet compared to a trip in coach could actually save you money. My seat belt clicked effortlessly into its slot, and I could clearly hear the pilots’ conversation through my headset.

Wild boar roam the pine forests of Abacos, and the rare Abacos parrot can be found there too, sometimes nesting in limestone caves, far below it all.   And in the green-blue waters that surround these cays really big fish move quietly under the surface, like Blue Marlins, White Marlins, Sailfish and Wahoo. You can remember

The Florida Keys beckon the weary. You know who you are. Life has been frenetic as of late: You are beginning to see dark circles under your eyes in the bathroom mirror in the morning. You need to lie in a beach chair that is unseemly in its level of luxury and absorb the healing

At Air Unlimited, we are experts in providing you with a hassle-free, pleasurable flight to your destination, whether you have chartered one of our aircraft or have chosen one of our regular flights to the Bahamas or the Florida Keys. One of the most important things we do is select aircraft that that reflects our

The Bahamas. You’ve been packed for days, it just makes it seem like you are leaving sooner if your shiny, silver suitcase is standing ready in your bedroom closet, waiting to be wheeled out of your house, carefully placed in a taxi’s trunk and then shepherded to the airport – at last. You did have