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Right now, many travel enthusiasts are planning ahead and booking vacations for later in 2019. For example, January through March are the most popular months to book a tropical cruise, inspiring the travel industry to dub this time of year as ‘wave season’. However, for those of us who deal with sea sickness or simply

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Bahamas’ Out Islands, which are escapes from the traditional tourism hubs of Nassau and Grand Bahama, have seen a 20 percent growth in visitor arrivals. This may surprise the average traveler, but at Air Unlimited, we completely understand why more people are forgoing the traditional idea of a Bahamian vacation and are choosing to book

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For most people, February is all about love, cartoon hearts and Valentine’s Day. For others, including countless hospital teams and organ donors, this month focuses on a different kind of heart, as people recognize American Heart Month and National Organ Donor Day (Feb.14). This celebrates the many doctors, patients, and donors that keep our hearts

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The Air Unlimited team is excited to share a sneak peek of our latest efforts to support youth in aviation: Aerospace and Aviation Day. This event takes place tomorrow at the Orlando Sanford International Airport and is designed to inspire Seminole County children to consider careers in aviation. We are thrilled to be participating this

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It sounds like a dream: whisking your loved one away on a luxury plane to a tropical island and spending Valentine’s Day with your feet in the sand. This dream can become a reality, thanks to our boutique airline, which offers daily flights to the Abacos at affordable prices. No one wants to be fighting

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Just in time for National Dress Up Your Dog Day, we’re featuring our crew’s favorite “Pilot Dog”, Bria, who belongs to our very own Co-founder, Chick Gregg. Bria loves to put on her co-pilot hat and join the crew for a quick flight to the Abacos whenever she gets the chance, and she’s not the

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We’re kicking off the New Year with a new service: small parcel delivery! Now, customers looking to ship packages to the Abacos can conveniently use Air Unlimited’s private plane delivery services, which fly daily. Our parcel services start at $50, making it the latest and greatest affordable shipping option for sending packages to the Bahamas.

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This year marked some exciting news for Air Unlimited, including notable company growth, added flight perks and a new program for youth passengers. Every decision we made in 2018 aimed to better serve our guests and local communities through our private plane services – from scheduled island flights and custom charters to organ transportation flights.

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Let’s face it, flying during the holidays can be extremely stressful. The hassles of parking, long lines, and busy terminals are enough to make you dread your upcoming holiday vacation. We’re here to tell you that a private flight is the best option to avoid all those stressors. We encourage you and your family to

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You’re more than likely familiar with Air Unlimited’s famed flights to the Abacos and custom charter services, but did you know Air Unlimited also does organ transportation flights. These trips save lives by rapidly getting doctors and organs where they need to go. In fact, our pilots have quickly and carefully completed countless life-saving missions,

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Some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions involve eating healthier, losing weight and being happier. In 2019, step out of the norm and resolve to travel more instead – starting with a flight to the Abacos! Booking a trip to this tropical destination can help jump-start your 2019 travel plans and check off resolutions,

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One of the best ways to celebrate the holiday season is to travel with friends and family to a festive destination, such as the Abacos. These quaint and charming islands host a variety of holiday events throughout the season, welcoming guests to celebrate with the local community. Book a trip to the Abacos for the