Flying on a commercial airline can be unpredictable. Operational issues beyond your control can result in flights being delayed or canceled, often throwing a major wrench in travel plans. We’ve also never heard someone reminisce about all of the fun that they had arriving at the airport three hours before their flight to allow enough

After taking a flight to Marsh Harbor, you will find freshly caught local seafood paired with stunning ocean views and friendly service. Whether you’re looking for a casual spot to grab burgers after an afternoon of snorkeling or an exquisitely prepared lobster dinner, there are plenty of options to satisfy your vacation cravings. If you’re

Imagine the scene: champagne pouring into glasses, a beautiful wedding dress safely hung in the corner, and your loved ones around you, helping you prepare for your special day. You’re on the way to your destination wedding, only you’re not on a commercial airline. Unless, of course, you are fine quietly toasting your bridesmaids or

Ask anyone familiar with the Caribbean, and they’ll refer to take a flight to the Abaco Islands, as it is the hidden gem of the Bahamas. With its own calm sea and collection of islands and cays, the Abacos is a welcome break from the expected hustle and bustle of popular islands such as Nassau.

5 Marvelous Marsh Harbour Day Trips

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Marsh Harbour is the third largest city in the Bahamas and it has only stoplight: It is the perfect place to perch in The Abacos, with restaurants and hotels sprinkled close to the marina, along with shops selling food, alcohol and other necessities. Imagine that you awake early in the morning in your Marsh Harbour

Scuba diving is like opening a door to a new world; when you are finally out of the pool and floating over a reef bursting with colour and a fantastically odd-looking fish nonchalantly swims within inches of your mask, a new kind of exhilaration will flow through your veins. And The Abacos are a divine

“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” F. Scott Fitzgerald was on to something when he wrote these words in 1925. While those of us with bank accounts of ordinary sizes are drawn to the Abaco for its sparkling white sand beaches, its chilled-out vibe, the far-out

Did you know that ice diving is a thing? That brave, adventurous human beings plunge into –the 2°C/28°F waters of Baffin Island in Canada, and float in front of other-worldly icebergs? Or head to the Magdalen Islands of that same country in late February, to watch baby seals swim for the first time? You are

Travel, at its best, offers us an environment that wildly contrasts with the physical spaces we usually move in; spaces like our homes, where we find comfort, and crowded streets, where we get jostled around, and offices, where everything can feel just a little sterile. Shrugging off the clothes of earth-walking and slipping on the

10 of the Most Amazing Hotels in the Abacos

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A great hotel can help make your Abacos getaway truly memorable. Sure, you might want to spend a day hiking through the pine barrens of southeast Abacos, on a quest to see the rare – and colourful – Abacos parrot, but this does not mean that you don’t want to be pampered upon your return

Off The Beaten Track in The Abacos

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Off The Beaten Track in The Abacos Ah, The Abacos. Blue-green waves gently caressing white sands while you lay on a beach chair, then float around in the sea, then lay on a beach chair, and so on, until you feel moved to head to the beach bar for a cold pale ale. Should you

Air Unlimited has had the privilege of flying scuba divers – from novices to advanced – to The Abacos, and we’ve borne witness to the beaming grins they all wear at the end of their scuba diving holiday. If you’d like to grin like that, to discover what lies beneath the surface of the glistening