Vacations give you time to relax, recharge and explore new places. Before you begin your vacation, however, the stress associated with travel can cause a bit of a rough start. When you fly with Air Unlimited out of the Orlando Sanford International Airport, you experience unparalleled service and comfort, and avoid the many stressors associated

The Abaco Islands are filled with entertainment and adventure, featuring beachside resorts, five-star restaurants, beach bars, boat rentals and local shops on almost every corner. For those that may be visiting just for the weekend, it’s especially important to make the most out of your time. Below are our weekender tips and recommendations to help

Your vacation is finally here and after a quick and relaxing scheduled flight to the Abacos with Air Unlimited, the last thing you want to do is waste time researching activities and excursions to complete your itinerary. That’s why we’ve highlighted a few of the tried and true tours and activities that will completely immerse

The Abaco Islands are made up of one main island and a string of smaller islands surrounding it, which together cover more than 650 square miles. For those looking to get the most out of their trip, this guide provides tips and tricks for traveling on land and over water, allowing you to bask in

Lobster season kicks off on August 1st, which means it’s time to pack up the gear and head to the Abacos with your fishing buddies. Since you’ll be on a boat from dawn till dusk loading up on the legal limit, we suggest taking Air Unlimited’s private jet to the islands to get you on

It only takes our guests leaving the Orlando Sanford International Airport to immediately get into vacation mode. With its secluded beaches, plentiful water activities, and luxury resorts, the Abacos is the ultimate island retreat. It is also home to some surprises that you can’t find anywhere else. Sunday Pig Roast at Nipper’s Nipper’s Beach Bar

Your private flight to the Abaco Islands is booked, you just got your hotel room confirmation, and you’re a week out from a trip that you’ve been dreaming about for months! And then you think “What do I pack?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on everything you’ll need on your flight to the Abacos.

While planning your trip to the Abacos, you might find yourself unable to decide which island destination you want to check out first. The adventure begins with your 90-minute scheduled island flight over clear blue water and miles of sandy white beaches, but the opportunities are endless once you arrive. Whether you’re cruising around on

It’s the middle of the night, and Charles “Chick” Gregg’s phone is ringing. A fatal car accident took place earlier in the evening, and the driver (an organ donor) has a kidney that matches that of a patient in Tampa. Chick, co-founder and principal of Air Unlimited, immediately begins making arrangements to find a pair

There’s no more romantic spot than the Abaco Islands to tie the knot. Known as the “hidden gem” of the Bahamas, this stretch of secluded beaches and gorgeous sunsets provides a dream destination wedding setting for any bride and groom. Before you book your private plane and head to Marsh Harbor or Treasure Cay to

With its calm waters, warm breezes and stunning panoramic views, the Abacos are an ideal location for the perfect family vacation.  Whether you are craving cowabunga-style water sports or have your sights set on a uniquely serene experience with your loved ones, the Abaco Islands offer activities that quench the thirst of each and every

Flying on a commercial airline can be unpredictable. Operational issues beyond your control can result in flights being delayed or canceled, often throwing a major wrench in travel plans. We’ve also never heard someone reminisce about all of the fun that they had arriving at the airport three hours before their flight to allow enough