We’ve all seen it. Some of us have even been guilty of it. You sit down for a nice dinner with your family and then, like second nature, you pull out your phone and immerse yourself in the small digital world inside the palm of your hand. It doesn’t take long before someone notices and

Instead of giving your loved ones another knickknack with a gift receipt, give the gift of sun, sand and relaxation this holiday season. A flight to the Bahamas will be remembered much more fondly than another “Live, Love, Laugh” sign or an uncomfortable pair of socks. Giving experiences instead of material items is becoming more

As we all get ready to gather with family and loved ones this Thanksgiving, the Air Unlimited team wanted to share what we’re thankful for this year. From being excited to go to work every day to helping people create unforgettable memories on our private planes, there is a lot for us to be grateful

Alan Rodney Griffin has lived all over the globe, and three of his passions have remained consistent throughout his travels: aviation, Africa and his faith. There were many times over the course of his career where these passions overlapped in his work as a pilot. Air Unlimited is happy to have this seasoned pilot offering

For most of the country, fall is a magical time when the leaves change colors and temperatures drop. It’s one of the most beautiful times to explore the great outdoors and begin new traditions with the people you love. However, delayed flights and anything-but-friendly fellow travelers can start your vacation off on the wrong foot.

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Instead of driving six hours to tailgate in a parking lot, you now have the option to start your own private tailgate party in the sky as you travel to your old football stomping grounds. Air Unlimited is revolutionizing the way that football fans can get to out-of-town games. It all starts at a private

Aviation has always been important to Air Unlimited Pilot, Dave Owen, so it was no surprise that he enrolled in private pilot ground school at just 16 years old. His grandparents opened the very first airport in his hometown of Wabash, IN, and Dave spent much of his time there watching and learning anything he

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For travelers who have never been to a tropical destination, the fear of the unknown may be a bit daunting. Anything from sea life and sunburns to rip currents and tropical weather can seem like a lot to plan for before hopping on a private flight to the Abacos. The best thing you can do

Even when pilot and Air Unlimited Co-Founder Mark Neubauer isn’t flying, he’s still thinking about flying, almost 99 percent of the time. Aviation is a huge part of his life and has been since he was a child. Mark inherited his love of aviation from his father, who was a Colonel and Squadron Commander in the

What can make your 90-minute flight to the Bahamas even better?  Gadgets! As you settle into one of Air Unlimited’s comfy aircraft cabins and sink into the over-sized loungers, you’ll want a few gadgets to keep you energized and powered up for your vacation. From headphones, to solar powered backpacks to an E-reader, we’ve got

Charles “Chick” Gregg is co-owner and captain at Air Unlimited, and anyone who speaks with him can immediately see that he has a true passion for flying.  A lover of all things plane-related, Chick knew he wanted to be a pilot as a small boy while flying right seat with his father. After graduating from

A bachelorette party in a tropical land; a last-minute vacation for a family of five; an important business trip a few states away. What do all of these have in common? Each of these trips – no matter how different their intent, length or party size – could all benefit from travelling via an aircraft