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This year marked some exciting news for Air Unlimited, including notable company growth, added flight perks and a new program for youth passengers. Every decision we made in 2018 aimed to better serve our guests and local communities through our private plane services – from scheduled island flights and custom charters to organ transportation flights.

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Let’s face it, flying during the holidays can be extremely stressful. The hassles of parking, long lines, and busy terminals are enough to make you dread your upcoming holiday vacation. We’re here to tell you that a private flight is the best option to avoid all those stressors. We encourage you and your family to

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You’re more than likely familiar with Air Unlimited’s famed flights to the Abacos and custom charter services, but did you know Air Unlimited also does organ transportation flights. These trips save lives by rapidly getting doctors and organs where they need to go. In fact, our pilots have quickly and carefully completed countless life-saving missions,

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Some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions involve eating healthier, losing weight and being happier. In 2019, step out of the norm and resolve to travel more instead – starting with a flight to the Abacos! Booking a trip to this tropical destination can help jump-start your 2019 travel plans and check off resolutions,

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One of the best ways to celebrate the holiday season is to travel with friends and family to a festive destination, such as the Abacos. These quaint and charming islands host a variety of holiday events throughout the season, welcoming guests to celebrate with the local community. Book a trip to the Abacos for the

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We’re only a few weeks away from The Combustion Music Hope Town Music Festival, a spectacular songwriter festival held each year in Hope Town, Bahamas to support local charities. Book a flight to the Abacos for this fun-filled event, taking place December 7 – 12, and delight in top musical talent with a tropical view.

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With daily flights to the Abacos, Air Unlimited offers golf enthusiasts the chance to experience some of the most beautiful golfing destinations, including courses situated on the quaint islands of Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay. Each course is a golfer’s paradise, featuring spectacular oceanfront landscapes that attract players from around the world. In Marsh Harbour, golfers will delight in the voted #1 golf course in The Bahamas. The Abaco Club on Winding

Air Unlimited Debunks Common Flight Myths

There are a range of flight myths circulating, and Air Unlimited is here to debunk four of these common misconceptions: Myth 1: Planes Can Basically Fly Themselves The famous “auto-pilot” mode on an airplane is often depicted in movies as a replacement for the real pilot, steering and flying the aircraft seamlessly by itself. In

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Studies have concluded that taking a relaxing vacation can have major health benefits. Relaxing vacations help people lower their stress levels and increase their energy. This means taking time off work might be exactly what you need to feel renewed and refreshed. Air Unlimited offers the ultimate travel experience for people looking to relax with

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Many people dread packing for a trip and end up waiting until the last minute to prepare their suitcase. This procrastination often means rushing to pack a bag and accidentally forgetting important items. That’s why Air Unlimited is offering travel organization tips to help people easily and efficiently pack their luggage for a carefree vacation.

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The weather is beautiful year-round in the Abacos. Gorgeous islands are just waiting for travelers to arrive and experience a tropical fall on their sandy beaches. These fall vacation destinations may not feature changing leaves and colder weather, but they are helping keep summer alive for beach lovers that just can’t get enough. Better yet,

This year, don’t stick to the basic tailgating experience, which usually involves long drives to a game day city, setting up your tailgate in a parking lot, and designating a driver for afterward. Instead, Air Unlimited offers private flight options to away football games, so you can take tailgating to new heights. These exclusive charters