Travel Requirements for the Bahamas FAQ

Please note, a COVID-19 RT PCR (Swab) negative test is required for entry into the Bahamas for all travelers. Below we have included the information provided by the Bahamian Government regarding entering the Bahamas starting July 1st, 2020. If you are traveling with us soon, please ensure you obtain a COVID-19 RT PCR swab test to ensure you receive your results in time for travel. We will be unable to transport passengers who do not fulfill the entry requirements.

What is the arrival process for international travelers entering The Bahamas by air or sea starting

November 1st, 2020?

  • A COVID-19 RT-PCR Negative (Swab) Test is required and must be presented upon arrival to The Bahamas. Results must be no more than Five (5) days old.
    • Children under the age of two are not required to take a test.
  • All travelers will be required to complete an electronic Health Visa.
  • All travelers must wear a face mask:
    • When entering and transiting air and sea terminals
    • During security and customs screenings
    • At baggage claim
    • When checking in and boarding
    • Anytime in a public place while in the Bahamas
  • All incoming passengers will be subject to temperature screenings.
    •  Travelers who show symptoms of COVID-19 may be transferred to an on-site quarantine area, away from other passengers for further testing and evaluation.
  • Follow physical distancing directions.

Where can I get a COVID-19 RT-PCR (swab) test?