Interview with Chick Gregg, Co-Founder

Air Unlimited helping with Bahamas recovery effort

The Co-Founder of Air Unlimited, Charles 'Chick' Gregg, visits the FOX 35 studio to talk about Bahamas recovery efforts.


Sonny's Partners with Air Unlimited

Sonny's and Air Unlimited partner to bring relief to the Bahamas

"Sonny’s BBQ announced through partnerships with The Salvation Army, Sysco and Air Unlimited it helped raise more than $109,000 and delivered over 4,200 pounds of supplies to people in the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian."


Passengers and Donor Organs

Charter airline in Sanford transports passengers and sometimes donor organs

"Starting about two years ago, Neubauer and Gregg broadened their business: It also transports donor organs."


Organ Transportation

Local pilots helping those in need of a second chance at life

Oftentimes when we talk about organ donation, we hear the stories about the doctors and donors but an important part of the transplant process is the transportation of the organ.


Reader's Digest

This Airline Lets You Fly Without Waiting for Security

"Imagine flying without packed TSA lines, expensive parking, and long walks to the gate. That type of personal service could be in your budget."


The Suburban Mom

Air Unlimited Sanford Semi-Private Flights To The Bahamas For Families

"If a semi-priviate jet to a tropical island sounds like the start of a dream vacation, then pay attention because I am going to tell you about a hidden gem. It’s easier and less expensive than you imagine, but it is just as glamorous and as exciting as it sounds. Seven days a week, Air Unlimited flies families (yes, kids too!) to and from the Bahamas for a round-trip vacation that is sure to fly to the top of your bucket list."


Aviation Pros

An Inside Look: Achieving Commuter Air Carrier Status

"Receiving commuter status isn’t an easy, overnight process. It takes planning, a high-standard of proven operations, and expert communication across teams and regulated agencies. "


Business Travel Life

7 Surprising Facts About Airplanes

"In honor of National Aviation Day, here are seven fun facts about airplanes provided by Mark Neubauer, Captain and Co-Founder of private flight company Air Unlimited."


Orlando Business Journal

Air Unlimited expands Orlando Sanford Airport workforce, hangar space

"A private luxury jet service has announced its largest expansion of workforce and total work space to date. Trans Northern Airways LLC, known as Air Unlimited, doubled its hangar and office space to 20,000 square feet at its headquarters in Orlando Sanford International Airport."


Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine

A Quick Island Getaway

"If you’ve ever thought about exploring The Out Islands of The Bahamas, and you don’t own your own aircraft or yacht, look no further than Air Unlimited. Known for several years as a private luxury air charter service, it now offers scheduled service from the Sanford International Airport to Abaco, Bahamas."


Amy West Travel


"Want to get swept away on a trip to the Bahamas? It’s never been easier or more accessible to do just that. In fact, I recently had the pleasure of escaping on a whirlwind trip to the Abacos with the private airline, Air Unlimited. Think private airfare is out of your budget? Think again."


Osceola News-Gazette

Need a getaway? New private luxury service to the Bahamas

"Air Unlimited, a private luxury air service specializing in customized private and chartered travel, is now offering daily flights to the beautiful Bahama Out-Islands seven days a week. Guests can go from Sanford to Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay in less than two hours at a price that’s more affordable than competitor commercial flights."


Orlando Style


"If you’re longing for a fresh perspective this holiday season, Air Unlimited invites you to explore these islands of intrigue, which have hidden away some of the most charming qualities of Bahamian life like a well-kept secret."


Attractions Magazine

Attractions The Show! – Festival of the Holidays; Air Unlimited; Marilyn Monroe dress; latest news

"Roy and Brennan take a charter plane to Vero Beach and back with Air Unlimited Charter Services"


Annie A to Z

Affordable Private Flights with Air Unlimited

"I was recently invited to fly with Air Unlimited by one of my favorite PR agencies in Orlando. This private charter is Central Florida’s island connection, along with Miami Dolphins and University Miami tailgate flight. Yes, TAILGATE FLIGHTS is a thing around here.


OFF on the Go

Ready to be OFF On The Go? Make sure you take the hassle out of flying with Air Unlimited!

"Air Unlimited is a private charter airline in Orlando that flies out of Orlando Sanford International Airport. Air Unlimited makes sure that you are treated like a VIP First Class passenger no matter where you are going!"



Just say no: If travelers refused to pay fees

"Here’s one thing the free market defenders and I can agree on. It’s the perfect solution, which is the one Chick Gregg came up with after being stuck in Nassau on a weather delay. To get back to the mainland, his airline wanted to charge him even more fees.

“That was it,” he says. “It was time to take things into our own hands.”

And he did. He co-founded Air Unlimited (Air Unlimited), a small airline dedicated to service, which promises “no long lines, no baggage fees, and free parking.” It operates scheduled air service between Florida and the Bahamas."


Fox 35

Holiday gift idea: Fly in luxurious, private plane for commercial flying rates

"Chartering a private plane is traditionally very expensive. But there is a Sanford-based airline, Air Unlimited, will fly you to four getaway hot spots for the same cost or less than a commercial flight. It could be the ultimate luxury-on-a-budget holiday gift idea."


Orlando Sentinel

How to fly in a private jet for cheaper than ticket in coach

"Flying private is not reserved for the rich and famous anymore. Thanks to a new concept in air travel, a seat on a private jet compared to a trip in coach could actually save you money."


Press Release

Air Unlimited Adds Beechcraft King Air 200 to Fleet of Aircraft

"Air Unlimited, a private luxury scheduled air service specializing in island travel, announces today the launch of its new Beechcraft® King Air® 200. A twin engine turboprop, the King Air® has a large cabin with a total of 10 seats which can be booked in as little as 24-hours in advance using Air Unlimited's online booking engine. Unlike other air services, Air Unlimited flies its scheduled flights even if just one seat is booked."