NGO’s active in the relief efforts of the Abaco Islands


Abaco Flight Support  Volunteers from a grassroots initiative started by key community members providing relief across land and air.  Founders include Air Unlimited co-founders Mark Neubauer and Chick Gregg, President and CEO of Regal Boats Duane Kuck, Professional Pilot /Aviation Consultant Dan Drummon, Florida Paints Co-founder Don Strube Jr., among many others. Most active members are Dave Meldeau “Diamond Dave”, Brian Doonan, Whitney, Jana Stone, Lia Dahead, Laura Albury, Cristy Nielsen, Britnie Turner and many others.  Air Unlimited continues to conduct relief missions by air and is looking for help to offset costs for aircraft fuel, purchase specific supplies and or sponsor airfare for volunteer relief workers.  Funds are being collected at

25United is a group of volunteers and professionals from all walks of life who are passionate, hard-working, and devoted to rebuilding communities, replenishing supplies, and restoring a way of life in the aftermath of devastation. For more information, visit their website, their Instagram page or Facebook page.

All Hands and Hearts is an international volunteer response team that has committed to being on the ground in Abaco for several years, helping to rebuild the area’s schools. In addition to donations, they’re also seeking volunteers.

BAARK Bahamas has been vital in helping to rescue lost and injured animals and reunite family’s pets lost because of Hurricane Dorian. Please consider supporting this important organization.

Bstrong by Bethenny Frankel is a disaster relief initiative that provides emergency assistance to individuals and their families in crisis. In partnership with Global Empowerment Mission (see below) they have delivered more than 195,000 pounds of supplies to the Bahamian victims of Hurricane Dorian.

The First Responders Relief Fund is helping to rebuild and re-equip various fire and rescue departments around Abaco by procuring building materials, recruiting volunteers, replacing damaged fire trucks and equipment and providing training. For the latest updates, see their Facebook page.

TheHead.Org is working to help rebuild Abaco and create opportunities for those affected by Hurricane Dorian. Founded by Bahamian Lia Head-Rigby, the organization is assisting Dorian victims in the Bahamas as well as those who have had to evacuate to the U.S. For updates, see’s FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages.


The Green Turtle Cay Foundation has launched a GoFundMe page to raise funds that will be distributed to affected Bahamians on Green Turtle Cay. The have also established several collection locations in southern Florida to which relief supplies for Green Turtle Cay may be delivered.


Hope Town United is a community-driven, 501(c)3 charity established to provide aid to the people of Elbow Cay, assist in the island’s reconstruction and recovery and help restore the region’s primary industry, tourism. To learn more, visit the organization’s website or Facebook page.

Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue hurricane relief fund Funds raised through this initiative will support the recovery effort on Elbow Cay/Hope Town.

Southeast Rescue and Relief is bringing aid and volunteers to Elbow Cay. For more information, see their Facebook page. Click HERE to register as a volunteer.

SIP Songwriters in Paradise Patrick Davis holds an annual songwriters festival in Hopetown and is actively raising money for HT relief.  He has raised over $750k using Nashville celebrities at music events.


Guana Fire and Rescue Raising money to benefit Guana Fire and Rescue, led by Troy Albury. Funds raised through this effort will be allocated by Guana Fire and Rescue to the people of Guana Cay.

Guana Cay GoFundMe page has been set up by Katie Hoog, girlfriend of Guana Cay’s Ricky Sands. Funds will be used to purchase survival supplies, evacuation helicopters and boats, temporary housing, medical supplies and building materials.

The Great Guana Cay Foundation has been established to sustainably rebuild the island’s homes, parks, roads, buildings and businesses.


The Man-O-War Relief Fund is a board-run charity focused on providing funding for the repair of critical infrastructure and support of Man-O-War residents affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Rebuilding Man-O-War Amazon Wish List has been established to purchase items requested by Man-O-War Cay’s disaster coordinator. Items purchased via this list are being collected by Travis Blane, owner of Mack Sails, and shipped via barge to Man-O-War.


Marsh Harbour Wish List has been compiled by area residents, listing the items that are in greatest demand. Items from this list may be sent to Abaco Freight (West Palm Beach,) who will arrange for transport to, and distribution in, Marsh Harbour. Donations can be shipped to or dropped off at Abaco Freight at: #AbacoStrong, 10130 Northlake Blvd., Suite 214–192, West Palm Beach, Florida 33412

Abaco’s Every Child Counts school – which provides education and vocational training for more than 100 children and young adults with learning, developmental or physical disabilities — has suffered significant loss. Alishia Liolli, a dedicated, young ECC teacher, was killed during the storm. And the ECC campus – including a recently completed transitional living facility, brand new vehicle, electronics and equipment – was destroyed. School administrators and staff are committed to rebuilding as soon as possible. Though they aren’t yet able to accept donations of materials or supplies, here’s how you can make a financial contribution.

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