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As key personnel in Marsh Harbour are ready for the next stage of recovery, Air Unlimited helps to direct the supply chain to underserved areas and fills specific requests from each community of disaster survivors ORLANDO, Fla. – Sept. 19, 2019 – Florida-based airline, Air Unlimited, continues its efforts with Abaco Flight Support Group to serve the evolving

Air Unlimited, announces its Abaco relief efforts to support the Bahamas, following the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian. We have regularly flown travelers to the Abaco Islands for more than five years and now plan to conduct ongoing humanitarian flights. To aid in Air Unlimited relief flights, fiscal donations are being accepted at: www.gofundme.com/f/abaco-relief. These

The months of May through November has everyone in a whirlwind from the possibility of hurricanes forming and making landfall. Planning ahead is important for ensuring hurricane preparedness to make sure you have all the essentials ready in the chance of a storm. Below, Air Unlimited shares some of our top tips and advice to

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When it comes to traveling internationally, many people aren’t sure what they can bring, how to pack efficiently, and most of all, how to avoid extra hurdles at the airport. The long lines from customs, security, and money exchange can be dreadful. The extra fees from luggage add-ons can stop you from bringing back keepsakes

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A dream between two brothers has given the opportunity to billions across the globe to see the world and all of its endeavors from sky-high views. Over a century has passed since the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, flew the first-ever airplane in 1903. National Aviation Day on August 19 celebrates not only the remarkable

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The time has come again, when holiday items slowly begin to pop up in our favorite stores and some folks get a jump-start on holiday planning. For many people, this advanced planning includes booking holiday travel arrangements months ahead of time, so tickets are locked in before the chaotic holiday season is in full swing.

Lobster Season is making its way to the Bahamas on August 1, which means it’s time to get crackin’ and plan out your fishing itinerary. Air Unlimited has flights for the fearless fishing buddies, adventurous best friends, and the family who simply enjoys blue waters and white sandy beaches. Our direct flights land in Marsh

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Indulge in a complete island vacation filled with miles of sandy beaches, quaint colonial towns, and exquisite resorts. The Abaco Islands are an ideal location for the perfect adult-friendly vacation. Our Air Unlimited crew has firsthand experience exploring the islands and has great recommendations for individuals, friends or couples traveling to the Abacos without kids

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With its calm waters, warm breezes and stunning panoramic views, the Abaco Islands are an ideal location for the perfect family vacation. Our Air Unlimited crew has firsthand experience exploring the islands and has some great recommendations for families traveling to the Abacos. Whether you’re craving action-packed water sports or have your sights set on

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This past year, 126 million people visited Florida, breaking the highest number of visitors the state has ever recorded. Many of these tourists are attracted to Central Florida for its renown theme parks and often overlook the chance to experience more than a few roller coasters during their stay. By extending their trip by just a few

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Central Florida is known for its outstanding shopping, dining and entertainment, making it a top destination for locals and tourists alike. Beyond its famed theme parks and resorts, Central Florida is also home to affordable luxury airline, Air Unlimited, a hidden gem in Sanford that offers travelers a top-notch experience with free valet parking, fast

At our boutique airline, Air Unlimited, we are proud to say we have a new shining star, Bria. Bria is a six-year-old yellow lab, who is quickly becoming the “co-pilot” of our operations, having flown thousands of miles with our airline ever since she was a puppy. Manning the plane is Bria’s owner, and one