The Abaco Islands are known for crystal clear blue waters, pristine beaches and tranquil hideaways, but they are also home to many intriguing and historic landmarks that a lot of tourists and locals alike tend to overlook. With a private flight to the Abacos and an appetite for adventure, you can set out to discover


What if you could give back to the environment just by sipping cocktails and dancing the night away? You can! All you need is a flight to Marsh Harbour and a ticket to the annual Reef Ball. Air Unlimited can get you there with their above and beyond customer service and quick, convenient flights. The

‘Tis the season for fishing tournaments in the Abacos! This is the best time of year for the local fishermen and those who travel far and wide to compete in some of the best tournaments in the Caribbean. Luckily, Air Unlimited can take you on a direct flight to the Abaco Islands and safely transport

Traveling internationally can be tricky when you want to bring home beautiful keepsakes from your vacation. Luckily, when you take a scheduled island flight to the Abacos with Air Unlimited, you can avoid some hassles like exchanging money or dealing with those long customs lines. We’ll explain exactly what you can bring back from the

Parrots and grouper and conch, oh my! These are just a few of the animals that make the Abaco Islands such a unique place to visit. After your flight to the Bahamas, you might be so focused on the resorts and restaurants, that you may miss some amazing wildlife that could be right in front

In 2018, Air Unlimited is bringing you another incredible, tropical destination within the Bahamas Out-Islands. Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay have already become beloved favorites to those who have flown with Air Unlimited, but a flight to North Eleuthera might bring you to your new favorite destination. North Eleuthera is just south-west of the Abaco

What does your perfect New Year’s Eve kiss look like? Picture yourself standing on the beach with your toes in the sand, wrapped in the arms of your favorite person and watching fireworks over the water. Now compare that to being bundled up in what feels like a million layers and still freezing, while falling

Ed Moon’s Flight to Treasure Cay

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 by

Here at Air Unlimited, our pilots eat, sleep, and breathe aviation. Most of our pilots even love to fly or rebuild airplanes in their spare time. A few of our pilots have dedicated their lives to flying and decided at a very young age to pursue careers in aviation. Ed Moon is one of these

We’ve all seen it. Some of us have even been guilty of it. You sit down for a nice dinner with your family and then, like second nature, you pull out your phone and immerse yourself in the small digital world inside the palm of your hand. It doesn’t take long before someone notices and

Instead of giving your loved ones another knickknack with a gift receipt, give the gift of sun, sand and relaxation this holiday season. A flight to the Bahamas will be remembered much more fondly than another “Live, Love, Laugh” sign or an uncomfortable pair of socks. Giving experiences instead of material items is becoming more

As we all get ready to gather with family and loved ones this Thanksgiving, the Air Unlimited team wanted to share what we’re thankful for this year. From being excited to go to work every day to helping people create unforgettable memories on our private planes, there is a lot for us to be grateful

Alan Rodney Griffin has lived all over the globe, and three of his passions have remained consistent throughout his travels: aviation, Africa and his faith. There were many times over the course of his career where these passions overlapped in his work as a pilot. Air Unlimited is happy to have this seasoned pilot offering