General Questions

One bag and one carry on per person is recommended, not to exceed 40 TOTAL pounds per person.  Air Unlimited retains the right to refuse baggage based on best safety practice and aircraft loading capabilities.

Soft-Side or Duffle bags only. Bags are not to exceed 52 inches in overall dimension (length+width+height). We do allow coolers up to 28 quarts and prefer soft sided bag coolers.

Yes, we are a pet friendly airline! We do require you to call our office prior to purchasing your ticket, through our secure booking engine, to confirm no other pets are currently booked on the flight. If your pet(s) and baggage total over 40lbs you will be charged, $2.50 per pound for anything over your allotted 40 pounds of luggage. Since weight is something we have to take into consideration when planning each flight, please be mindful of your baggage weight when bringing a pet. Air Unlimited does not transport any live animals in our cargo area, therefore we have a strict limit of two pets on each flight and they must belong to the same owner or family. Unruly or hyper animals may not be permitted for safety of flight reasons. In some instances, your vet may prescribe a mild sedative for your pet to fly safely. Ultimately, your Captain has the final authority to reserve the right for pets to be boarded. The Captain also reserves the right to have the pet crated during flight if he feels it is necessary. In consideration of your fellow passengers, please ensure the cleanliness and good grooming of your pet so it does not become an issue for anyone on board the plane. When flying internationally (Bahamas), pet owners are required to provide official documents concerning vaccinations and proof of good health. For travel to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, an import permit is required from the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade & Industry, and certain restrictions do apply. Please have all necessary documentation ready before your flight.

With a charter flight, the passenger is paying for the entire aircraft and includes positioning the aircraft at passenger preference for pickup. It also includes dead-head time and any wait times.

Air Unlimited offers free, secured parking at our OrlandoSanford International Airport office/hangar.

Yes. When canceling your reservation prior to 30 days from flight time, you will receive a flight voucher redeemable for up to 12 months with no penalty. For cancelations made 48 hours or less before the flight, the ticket shall be forfeited.

Any schedule change made to a booked ticket will incur a $75 fee for each affected segment. However, our loyalty program coupon book participants incur no change fees.

Yes. Your ticket is assignable (one time only) to a spouse or other immediate family member up to 48 hours prior to original scheduled departure date at no additional charge. Tickets will not be eligible for reassignment if within 48 hours of the departure time.

No TSA lines or scans are necessary. However, Air Unlimited reserves the right to inspect and approve all baggage and/or carry-on items.

All passengers must arrive one hour prior to flight departure time. Doors to aircraft close 20 minutes prior to flight time and will not be re-opened until arrival at destination.

All passengers are required to provide a valid state issued I.D/Drivers License. A passport is also required for international (Bahamas) travel.

Yes, for international flights. Domestic flights do not require a passport.

You will clear Bahamian Customs and Immigration upon arrival into Bahamas. A departure tax directly to the Bahamian government in the amount of $29.00 CASH (US or Bahamian cash) is required when you depart the Bahamas, and is NOT included in your fare. Upon arrival back into the Orlando-Sanford International Airport, you will clear US customs at the main terminal and taxi (in your aircraft) back to our hangar. If you are being picked up, you have the option of meeting your party outside customs at the main terminal, instead of taxiing back to our hangar.

Because Air Unlimited’s planes are not equipped with additional carry-on storage space, you may only bring aboard one personal item, such as a laptop computer, briefcase, or purse, and said item must fit underneath your seat for takeoff and landing. In compliance with FAA regulations, we must comply with mandatory restrictions of hazardous items. For a complete list of DOT hazardous materials (dangerous goods) and exceptions, please refer to the following DOT Regulations page.